Last modified: 4-NOV-87


Within Video_Lookup_Table interpreter colors can be defined according to red green and blue real values. 4 different VLT`s can be loaded into the program.


 BACK inte
 CHANGE  RED inte inte     RED inte
         GREEN inte inte    ........
         BLUE inte inte    ......
         COLO inte inte    ......
 COLOR RED real    inte4 inte5
       GREEN real
       BLUE real

 COPY  inte inte


 FIRST inte



 MODUL inte

 MOVE  RED inte inte     red inte
       GREEN inte inte    ........
       BLUE inte inte    ......
       COLO inte inte    ......

 RANGE inte inte

 SCROLL inte inte


 VLT  int


... BACK int

Defines the index of the background color. Default is usually 0. Depth cuing - merging of image with the background - against a new color takes place after you change the window size or specify a new "IMAGE CONTRAST" value.


Changes two specified RGB colour in current VLT.


... COLOR inte RED real
               GREEN real
               BLUE real

Sets RGB values into the current vlt and specified color entry.

COPY inte1 inte2

Copies form inte1 vlt to the inte2 vlt..


Erases the shown colour table rectangle. Fills it with bacground colour.


The first colour the first line in shown colour table to start.


Copies the values from the first VLT to the current one.

MODUL inte

The length of line in the shown colour table.

MOVE red 16 31 gre 128

Moves one colour into another (RGB) in the current vlt.


Specifies the minimum and maximim colour addres.

 0 255 for tektronix 4115,
 0 3 for VISUAL 240
 0 15 for TRIGLAV ...


Rolles the lines of coloure numbers beginning with the first and second integer for the third integer times. Takes the first ( top line ) and rolls the rest for one line higher and puts the first into the last. Leng of line is current modul.


Shows an reactangle with terminal current coloures in small rectangles. The number of small reactangles is defined with the modul command. Because small rectangles are of the same size, changing modul valuse affects the general shape of rectangle area where small rectangless are displayed.


Sets the new current vlt. (one of 4 possibilities).


> color 0 255 red 255 -1 gre 0 1 blu 128
> change red 16 31 blu 80
> move red 16 31 gre 128
> range 0 255
> scrol 16 128 5
> show
> vlt 3