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DEPP PAGES - the MAIN Dialogue Mode - Complete Table of Contents

Here you can learn how interactive devices as mouse, keyboard and dials (when available) are used to interactively inspect and modify molecular models and maps.

Depp pages enable interactive use of MAIN commands. They are organized in pages of menus located on the right hand side "Depp Pages" window.

Mouse and dial events in MAIN image window are used to pick atoms and generate rotations and movements of views amd molecualr models including the change of colors, whereas keyboard events ("magic keybord touches") are used as shortcuts to various menu items and commands.

Left button mouse clicks on menu items in DEPP PAGES window are used to change the state of variables (ON/OFF boxes) or trigger commands, where the right button invokes the configuration script, where available.

Most of menu items require arguments, which can be individual atoms (the last clicked atoms from the history list), selection key "active" or variable "WORK_SEGM", which contains the list of all working segment names.