Current release is MAIN_XTAL_EM 2021. It is quite reliable and freed from a number of bugs and with a number fo new features and upgrades. 2023 release is still in progress.

Executable files have abbreviations related to hardware and operating system:

  • "LINUX" LINUX PCs (Fedora, SuSe, ...) based on gfortan and gcc versions 4.77 - 4.8
  • "OSX" Macs Intel processor (OSX, 11.8 ) based on gfortran and gcc version 9

When retrieving a new MAIN do not forget that MAIN is not only an executable file. MAIN versions work properly only with their own ("main_distrubution.tar.gz") files. Distribution includes ".login_CSH" and ".login_BASH" which are to be adjusted too.

The create config tools GUI reguires installation of Perl-Tk module Current version is Tk-804.032 .

  • LINUX: Suse releases have it, whereas Centos/Fedora requires a "yum install"
  • MAC OSX: use brew to install Perl and then from Perl shell start CPAN and install Tk and LWP::Simple:

    perl -MCPAN -e shell
    cpan[1]> install Tk
    cpan[2]> install LWP::Simple

    Stereo and dials are supported also on LINUX PCs.

    NEW DIALS for LINUX Xfree86 server and its relatives have been developed at MRC LMB in Cambridge, UK. Send queries to Jan Lowe . They work with MAIN and presumably other software as well. All you need to do is to install the dial driver. (See the dialbox files in distributions below.) You can the dial driver here .

    For compiling and running MAIN from source or binaries you need to install gfortran, gcc.