File: keyboard.txt
Last modified: 21-oct-2012

Magic of a keyboard touch

Pressing keys is usually the quickest way for an experienced user to issue commands. Keyboard shortcuts require no confirmation and are always at the tip of your fingers.

There are single and multiple key shortcuts.

Single key shortcuts

Currently these functions are supported:

Besides, each time a key is pressed, the mouse event mask is reset to avoid mouse events hangups due to Xwindows server client communication problems (bugs).

Multiple key shortcuts

Menu items on the currently displayed menu page can be called by the sequence of 3 keys. The sequence must begin with CTRL or ALT keys followed by two characters. The first character is matched against the first character of a menu item, whereas the second is matched against the character following the "_" sign. When the "_" is absent, then the second character is mached. In the case a unique menu item is identified it is invoked as is clicked on.

The "CTRL" key sequence invokes the item, whereas the "ALT" key invokes its configuration GUI.