MAIN 9 7 release


PDB read and write enchanced

Unit cell and symmetry group are encoded from the file. Chain identifier can be applied. See

Image fonts

OpenGL graphics (DEC and SGI) MAIN execuatbles can load fonts from X-server. See "Command reference manual" IMAGE FONT commands (MAIN:doc/com/image.html).

> image font load ...
> show image font

Image contrast (fog) and stereo window settings

With negative contrast depth cueing can be turned off completely. (On an SGI O2 image rotations are significantly smoother this way.)

> image contr -1.0

Stereo windows under GL can be adjusted in for main window, strikes and dials xy-pairs given in pixels.

> image stereo shift 0 0  0 0  0 0

Light sources manipulation

LIGHT source manipulations + molecular images on page 6 as menu blocks. See "Dialog mode accessories" IMAGE_LIGHT (MAIN:doc/menu/image_light.html)and IMAGE (MAIN:doc/com/image.html).

Interactive RMS fitting

RMS_FIT is available as a menu block. See "Dialog mode accessories" menu block "RMS_FIT" and menu page 8 (MAIN:doc/menu/rms_fit.html).

Menu driven molecular and map images creation

Create and modify your images using MAIN menu blocks - prerelease: page 6 (MAIN:doc/menu/image.html).

An easy way to display electron density only around your "active" atoms with "MAP_MASK" (MAIN:doc/menu/image_map.html).

SHOW command news

SHOW command has been modified. Anything connected with the IMAGE, as for example CENTER, can be retrieved using


See also MAIN:doc/com/show.html.

Overall B-factor for decreasing FFT errors.

An overall B-factor is added to each atom during a map generation. Default value is 10. You can modify it with

> fourier b_add real

See also MAIN:doc/com/fourier.html.


Tables of contents were added to the three HTML manuals and Keyword Index (keyword_index.html) was born.


new features

HTML based manual has become available, so FTP also "doc_html.tar.gz" which is your local HTML manual. The starting index file is named MAIN:doc/index.html. It contains links to MAIN home servers too. A few chapters of the manual have been rewritten and some new inserted. The HTML based manual contains the same information as the PostScript versions.


new features

bugs fixed


HKL limits for reading a reflection file can be set automatically with a second pass through a reflection file. X-PLOR TEST flags for their possible use in a subsequent R-FREE calculations can be read.

When making a map the number of grid points per unit cell can be generated automatically from the resolution limit and cell constants. Check for a consistency with FFT routines for the highest prime factor is performed as well.


Minor bugs removed (mostly related to error messages which were causing confusion.) The "Generate solvent" documentation has been upgraded and made consistent with the 97 release.


MAIN 97 release is born. All above mentioned bugs have been removed.

The '.main' file downloaded in MAIN home directory is processed before anything else. Currently it contains only a line containing the extended menu pages (load_depp_page), so there is NO NEED to call the macro again.

Gzip is used to compress the files.

Map contours can be displayed as sticks of specified radius and density level. (See the doc/mol_images/simple for the syntax or when running MAIN 'image map 1 help stick'.)

There is MAIN mirror site (anonymous FTP server), where the directory '/main' contains the main distribution files.